Workshop for kids all ages orginized by James Henry

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Samba Samba Kids

Interactive Education Through Drums And Percussion


Samba Samba is an interactive educational workshop that uses music, rhythm, percussion instruments, and drums as tools for capturing the imagination of the participants. This program is suitable for all ages from children to adults. The creator of this exceptional program is James Henry, who has an extraordinary gift of capturing and holding the attention of his audience and imparting a sense of confidence and joy to all. James Henry, master percussionist, has traveled the world with this program and brings to everyone pieces of cultural wisdom from every area of the globe. Expect to dance, sing, be involved and be transported to many areas of the globe through the sounds of drums and percussion!


Samba Samba Kinds is a perfect choice for Concerts, Fundraisers, Educational Assembly's, Children's Special Needs, Private Parties, Family Drum Circles, Teacher Workshops.



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James Henry Demonstrates Percussion Techniques